Terms of Use

  • CollabHub does not sell its users’ names, email addresses, nor contact information. This is not subject to change.
  • All internet-based applications have associated risks. It is up to the users of CollabHub to be aware of any risks associated with using Slack. As a user of CollabHub, you agree that that the administrator(s) of CollabHub are not liable for any damages that you may cause or incur as a result of using CollabHub.
  • Representatives or employees of staffing or recruiting companies are not permitted to send solicitation emails, nor direct messages, to any CollabHub user, without the express consent of that user; such consent must be granted within a public channel of CollabHub. Violators of this policy agree that they will be subject to a fine of $250, payable to CollabHub, and a fine of $250 payable to the CollabHub user that they contacted, per violation.
  • Recruiting professionals or subcontractors of staffing or recruiting companies will not collect the contact information of members of CollabHub for the purposes of commercial sale of such information. Each violation of this policy is subject to a $500 fine payable to CollabHub, and a fine of $500 payable to each user whose information was appropriated.
  • CollabHub administrators reserve the right to revoke, at our discretion, any user's membership.
  • If any terms of use are removed, added, or modified, the administrator(s) of CollabHub will notify the users of CollabHub of the changes within the “general” channel of the CollabHub Slack group, no less than 48 hours prior to the implementation of the changes.


  • Slack makes email addresses visible to all group members. As far as CollabHub is aware, in spite of great demand for this feature, group administrators do not have the ability to hide email addresses. For maximum security, we recommend that you use a disposable or secondary email account when using Slack - make sure that no other person has access to this email address. If you have already registered for a Slack group, you can change your email address at any time by following the instructions here.
  • Please be aware that by using collabhub.slack.com, you are subject to Slack’s terms of service and privacy policy.
  • If you have any suggestions regarding ways to improve our Terms of Use, or any aspect of CollabHub, please contact us.